It’s that time of the year again when Italy gets crazy and wild with the fragrant fungus that grows on the ground.  Not only does Italy go wild, the world wants it.  It’s like a drug.

white truffles 2

It happens at the end of September where the season just starts to begin.  The price fluctuates like a stock market, up and down, according to demand.  I always start after October 15 when I feel the truffles are ready to rock and roll.

truffle king

A lot of people call me the Truffle King, however, there are other guys in the city who think they wear the crown too.  At the end of the day, who gives a shit if there are 2 kings and 2 crowns? Let’s have fun and cook with passion and make our guests crazy with the taste and flavours.

Let me show you a few dishes that I’ve come up with:

truffle dish

This is the Prime Beef Carpaccio, massaged lightly with white truffle oil, seasoned, arranged on the plate and garnished with beautiful soft, creamy burrata cheese, some crispy Parmigiano panko crackers for texture, a squirt of porcini foam to open up your palette and spinkled with mushroom powder and then TADA!  The Shaved Truffles come.  4-5 grams.  You will be licking the plate.

truffle egg

A simple dish done well.  Italian Scrambled Eggs cooked with a little white truffle butter, some fresh chives, salt and pepper and garnished with a crispy organic French baguette topped with fresh mushroom butter.  And then guess what, shave those white nuggets!  This is not breakfast honey, this is LUXURY at its’ best.

truffle ravioli

A new invention this year.  Hand-made scampi ravioli, filled with a light mousse, marinated scampi, melting egg yolk, lightly poached and perfumed with a white truffle dashi.  That’s Italian meets Japanese, man.  Light, delicate, sweet, delicious, sprinkle some spring onions, shaved a few of those white nuggets and you’ve got a winner.

truffle pasta

One of my favorite preparations, fine Alba pasta cooked al dente, a little bit of white truffle butter, seasoning, some good Parmigiano, keeping it very juicy and shave those truffles, baby.  Keep it simple and sweet.  So many chefs fuck it up by trying hard.


Don’t think you have to be a big swinging dick or a baller to come in to Gold and eat white nuggets.  The price is very reasonable and the food is delicious.  Hope to see you soon so you can enjoy this unbelievable experience.

– Harlan G.